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- Nake...PianoMoments     NEU !

Nake/ full of expectation - Nake/ waitin´ of U - richard marx/right here waiting - 

Nake/ deep connection - Nake/ waltz 19 - rolling stones/ angie - Nake/ the long way to happiness -Nake/ Caro´s Song (doesn´t time fly) -Nake/ intro - michael jackson/ earth song

- Nake...The Balladeer     

elton john/candle in the wind - cat stevens/wild world - barry manilow/even now       john lennon/imagine - lionel richie/hello - beatles/let it be - lionel richie/lady    elton john/sorry seems to be - mccartney/yesterday - elton john/blue eyes     


- Nake...Heartbreaker                                                        

robbie williams/angels - elton john/can you feel - joe cocker/ you are so beautiful  air supply/all out of love - joshua kadison/carolinas eyes - robbie williams/eternity eric clapton/wonderful tonight - joshua kadison/I believe in you - phil collins/another day in paradise - gary barlow/forever love - b.manilow/memory

- Nake...Classics                                                                      

cat stevens/father&son - christopher cross/sailing - joshua kadison/georgia rain   billy joel/honesty - patric swayze/she´s like the wind - neil diamond/I´am I said billy joel/leningrad - dooley wilson/as time goes by - elvis presley/fallin´ in love elton john/cold as x-mas - joshua Kadison/painted d.s. lionel richie/three times              


- Nake...Somewhere in the night                                      

franky goes to hollywood/power of love - gordon lightfood/if u could read my mind- rod stewart/have I told u lately phil collins/against all odds - lionel richie/oh no lionel richie/ballarina girl - joe cocker/now that you´re gone joshua kadison/jessie richard marx/right here waiting - charles arznavour/she


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